Heart For The Neighborhood

We are a faith-based organization committed to serving the Westside community of San Antonio, Texas. Our passion is to see transformed lives through relationships, resources and spiritual renewal.


Heart For The Neighborhood, or to our friends in Edgewood "Corazon Para El Barrio" is a grass roots group of people committed to wholistic renewal and revitalization of the Edgewood Community.  We believe it all starts with the "heart"Everything flows from our hearts; our life, our dreams, our hopes and our faith. The ancient book of Proverbs says, "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life." (Proverbs 4:23)  Community change requires "heart change. We're fighting poverty and renewing hope by going to the "heart" of the matter.  We believe that real lasting change requires a spiritual awakening and renewing at the heart level.

We emphasize relationship building with the families of Edgewood seeking to walk together on 7 Pathways toward spiritual healing, renewed hope and a healthy future.

As a priority, we currently focus our compassion pathways on elderly families in need.  We are serving weekly 70+ elderly people, delivering donated bread with friendship, a listening ear and a compassionate spirit.  As we develop relationships with our new friends we learn how we can connect them with available community, city and local resources.

We have a community food pantry and a clothing closet. Weekly we host Community Groups where people can find spiritual renewal and a personal relationship with God. Monthly we run a vision clinic and work with the families to help them find needed Medical and Dental care. We work closely with local organizations to advocate for the needs of the community and help coordinate local church efforts in the neighborhood.

Come join our movement and make a lasting difference through volunteer service with a "heart for the neighborhood."


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Heart for the Neighborhood
25700 Overlook Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78260

Go and Give!

For some service is about opening their doors and inviting people to "come and get."  But for us, our hearts are so flooded and overflowing that we can't help but "Go and Give!"

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