Our Story

Fighting Poverty and Renewing Hope

While the Westside became overlooked and under resourced, the neighborhood of Edgewood declined from a neighborhood of dignity and hard work to one of a poverty mentality struggling with the inner city issues and compounded by a percentage of immigrants who didn’t speak English. A grass roots organization called “Edgewood Family Network” arose as a group of concerned moms decided to make a difference. They worked hard growing from a tiny budget of $1000 to almost half a million in 10 years. They did incredible things to connect families to partners, resources, hope and opportunities for growth. Hundreds of families in Edgewood benefited, however, administrative expenses were not part of many grants they received.

At the same time CrossBridge Community Church was responding to God’s call of being the “Hands and Feet of Jesus” in our world. Through prayer and research and providential meetings with new friends they zeroed in on Edgewood as a community they wanted to pour the love of Jesus into. They had heard from others about Edgewood Family Network and shared their hearts about helping meet basic needs with the Board of EFN. Soon together, EFN and CrossBridge developed a mutual respect for each other that grew into a greater partnership. Together they sponsored Community Events at Christmas and Easter and provided Health Fairs to meet the health concerns of the families in Edgewood.

Sadly, EFN announced its closing in December 2010 due to lack of funding. CrossBridge could not walk away from the good things that were happening in Edgewood. Some key friends that worked in and served EFN could not walk away from the good things that were happening in Edgewood. Working hand in hand, they formed a new vision based on the Word of God and biblical principles about how we should respond to such serious needs within the community.

A New Beginning

Together as two communities, and now as friends, we continued to reach out and help the weakest and most vulnerable in the community – elderly families. It all started with just some donated bread and a small handful of volunteers. Word got out… more families had needs… more volunteers came… more bread was found and soon we were helping 70+ elderly families.

As a few of us met one Saturday in February 2011 and talked about how we could get more organized so that we could engage more people, one woman who grew up in Edgewood all her life said, “You know that ya’ll are known as people who have a “heart for the neighborhood”. We all looked at each other and realized – a new organization had just been born and “Heart For The Neighborhood” was its new name.

Since then, Heart For The Neighborhood has gone on to become an officially recognized faith-based organization seeking a 501c3 status. Our hearts desire is to affect thousands of people every year, fighting poverty and renewing hope through the power of the Gospel.

  • In April of 2011, the first Board meeting was held and the official launch of “Heart For The Neighborhood” began.
  • In July of 2011, Martha Castilla was hired as the Program Coordinator to direct the activities, functions and programs of HFTN.



We are now in the growth and development stage of our venture. We have many ideas for programs that will provide specific services related to the 7 global pathways to accomplish HFTN’s mission. We are looking for and seeking partners of like mind and heart to join us in bringing a new "heart" to the neighborhoods of Edgewood.

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Heart for the Neighborhood
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Go and Give!

For some service is about opening their doors and inviting people to "come and get."  But for us, our hearts are so flooded and overflowing that we can't help but "Go and Give!"

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