Our Vision


Is to see every Edgewood family transformed through a spiritual renewal that gives their lives fulfillment and purpose based on biblical values.

Our Mission

Is to develop personal relationships with the families of Edgewood by assisting and encouraging them to pursue the 7 pathways that result in healing, hope and a healthy future.

Our Core Values - The Keys to Who We Are



• To emphasize relationships and walking with people for lasting change rather than an organization that focuses on the distribution of goods and services to the needy.



• We will do the right thing regardless of who is watching.



• Everything we do will be up front with no hidden agendas.



• We want to engage a wider group of individuals and organizations that share our vision, mission, and values.


Community Engagement

• The area families actively participate, take ownership, and volunteer in obtaining results.



• We will be a volunteer driven organization that sees our volunteers as integral to the success of the mission of HFTN.


Christ Centered

• Everything we do, our strategies, goals and programs will include Christ’s character, love and message.


Faith based

• Our strategies and approaches will reflect the integrity of biblical values and beliefs.


Individual and Community

• We are concerned about the physical and spiritual needs of both the individuals and the community.


Equality of Power

• No one person has more power than the other. Responsibility will be shared with respect and dignity.

Become a Partner

We believe that everyone and every organization has something to contribute to our effort. Become a partner today.

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Become a Volunteer

Join the movement and become a volunteer. We need everyone working together to make a difference.

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Heart for the Neighborhood
25700 Overlook Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78260

Go and Give!

For some service is about opening their doors and inviting people to "come and get."  But for us, our hearts are so flooded and overflowing that we can't help but "Go and Give!"

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