Why Edgewood

The Need

7Over the years the neighborhood of Edgewood has declined from a neighborhood of dignity and hard work to one of a poverty mentality struggling with the inner city issues and compounded by a percentage of immigrants who don’t speak English. The neighborhood has prostitution, drugs, gangs, domestic violence, latchkey kids and low performing schools. The scriptures are clear about how we as Christ followers should respond to such needs.

Our Focus

We feel led to focus on the area of the Edgewood community boarded by:

    • North – Ingram Road  West – Acme Road   South – IH 90  East – General McMullen Road

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Contact Us

Heart for the Neighborhood
25700 Overlook Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78260

Go and Give!

For some service is about opening their doors and inviting people to "come and get."  But for us, our hearts are so flooded and overflowing that we can't help but "Go and Give!"

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