Jonathan and Alexis Sandlin

Extreme Poverty In America?

This is the case in Edgewood, the neighborhood where 100,000 people live on San Antonio's West Side. Once a hard working, family-oriented, traditional neighborhood, has over time become heavily hit with disease, increasing unemployment, crime, and substandard living conditions. Two of its zip codes are in the top 10 poorest in the country, with 34% of the families living below the poverty line (national average: 17%).

Our Mission:

The families of Edgewood, however, are rich where many of us may not. They are rich in family togetherness and relationships. This is where HFTN comes in. We are here to build these relationships around their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs such as bringing them food, restoring parts of their homes, and holding weekly Bible studies. My desire is that in meeting these needs through love, prayer, and the Gospel, God will use their richness in relationships for His glory. By raising up leaders for Jesus Christ within Edgewood, they can become the ones to sustain God's light in a dark and forgotten place.

Missionaries Serving Edgewood Neighborhoods In San Antonio, Tx

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Jonathan & Alexis Sandlin

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Heart for the Neighborhood
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For some service is about opening their doors and inviting people to "come and get."  But for us, our hearts are so flooded and overflowing that we can't help but "Go and Give!"

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