Our Pathways to Success

Everything that we do is centered on the 7 Pathways listed below. Our Programs (see below this section) support our pathways and are the concrete steps that we take to travel the pathway. So,these 7 Pathways constitute the journey that all of us are on to find meaning, purpose and significance in our lives. Without them, we are lost and tossed back and forth in a society that is itself too busy to help anyone around them. HFTN's whole mission and vision revolve around helping people begin their journey to discover the truth. As they journey on these 7 Pathways they will find freedom and life.


Basic Needs: It all has to start with a concern for the whole person. People have real physical needs. And we believe that we are called to meet real needs as we seek to help people find new pathways to a life of purpose and fulfillment based on biblical principles.


Health: As an old proverb says, "Health is everything." Without proper health care both preventative or when in need our communities are vulnerable to disease and illness that often times can be prevented.


Education: Without addressing the reasons for dropout and illteracy, people are stuck in dead end work environments with no way to adequately provide for themselves or their families.


Employment:: Good, stable jobs are needed in the community for establishing a healthy economic context for growth and development.  Providing help in training, job placement and other skills can empower people to have stability in their lives.


Finances:: We manage money or it manages us.  Too many of us find that the money ends before the month does, leaving us and our families with stress and anxiety. What we need is financial peace; wisdom in how to be a stewart of what God has given us.


Housing:: Basic shelter and clean conditions are needed for any family's growth and development.  Our desire is to help people on the pathways find suitable and good living conditions to raise their families.


Spirituality: This pathway is the most important of all the other pathways mentioned.  When we have a spiritual renewal based on the Word of God, we experience a renewal in our heart that is transformational.  This opens up all the pathways in ways that one could not have imagined.

Our Current Programs

Gift of Manna Outreach

Date: Mondays

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

9    Join us in Edgewood on an on-going basis as we share the love of Christ with the underprivileged in this West San Antonio community. We meet basic needs of food and clothing weekly as well as help bring hope and encouragement to the elderly and families. Adopt a street and pray for God to do what seems impossible - stop the cycle of poverty!

Women's Bible Study

Date: Tuesdays

Time: 9:45 a.m. - 11:30 p.m.

4 A warm friendly atmosphere where you can be the "Hands and Feet of Jesus" to our friends in Edgewood. In the Woman's Bible Study you'll be amazed at the insightful and honest questions that the women of Edgewood ask in their pursuit of God. The discussions are lively, interesting and thought provoking as they seek to understand God and faith in their lives.

Community Bible Study

Date: Thursdays

Time: 11:30 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

8 A warm friendly atmosphere where you can be the "Hands and Feet of Jesus" to our friends in Edgewood. In the Community Bible Studies you'll meet people that are looking to understand the Bible and its relevance to their life and family.  Many have found hope, healing and a new spiritual awakening in their life by discovering a personal relationship with Jesus.

Interested in Joining us?

If you would like to join us in any of our programs or have an idea for one, please Contact Us and we'll get you connected to the person who can help you get involved.

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Go and Give!

For some service is about opening their doors and inviting people to "come and get."  But for us, our hearts are so flooded and overflowing that we can't help but "Go and Give!"

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